Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a discovery flight option to see if I'm interested?

Yes, we do offer a discovery flight! Our discovery flight is divided into two parts, ground briefing and flight time. Click here to book your discovery flight today!

During the ground briefing, you and your instructor would plan the flight route and set the objective for the flight.

During the flight portion, the instructor will demonstrate the four fundamentals of flying. He will also allow you to take control under his direct supervision and experience how to fly basic maneuvers in an airplane. The discovery flight is designed to provide insight into what a flight lesson looks like.

How soon can I sign up after I decide to start?

Initiating the admissions process is available at any time. Once you decide to continue with the admissions process, an admissions officer will contact you and  explain the steps involved. Your admissions officer will be your point of contact until your first day in the academy.

Do you have a simulator?

Yes. We have a Redbird LD Simulator. For more information about our simulator, please contact us.
The Redbird LD Simulator is a tool that allows users to simulate flying an aircraft in a variety of different scenarios and conditions. It is often used by pilots to practice and improve their skills, as well as by aviation schools and flight training organizations to teach students how to fly.

Where do I go to take my exams?

We have an on-site approved FAA testing center where you can take all of the required airman knowledge tests.

Do you offer financing?

We partner with Stratus Financial. The team at Stratus Financial will support you through all stages of your training, from the moment you step into a cockpit to your first commercial airline job. They work hand in hand with flight schools and financial advisors to create private student loans that make sense for your needs. If you're ready to apply, visit the stratus application page.

Flight Program

Are you a 141 Flight school?

FlightGest Academy has approved programs under FAR part 141. We also offer programs under FAR part 61. Your admissions officer will work with you to determine the best suitable option for you during the initial admissions process.

How long does it take?

There are many variables to determine the duration of a program, and there is no one answer for it. The duration to complete a program is subjective and depends on the student's progress and availability. Our programs are designed to allow time for the instructor and program managers to optimize the chances of success in the course, but will never compromise the quality of the instruction for the duration of the course. More detailed information regarding the timeline variables are described on the individual program pages.

Do we offer student visas?

FlightGest Academy does not currently offer programs for international students but we are working to develop such a program. Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you when this program is available.

Do we accept international students?

Our admissions officer will provide eligible international students with further enrollment and eligibility requirements. Please differentiate between international (non-citizens) individuals who are legally present or able to legally travel to the United States for flight training and a sponsored student visa.  We do not offer a student visa program currently.

Do I get individual instruction or is it group instruction?

All flight events and most of the ground training events are through individual instruction. Some training events, such as ground school sessions, are available in a group.

Do I get to stay with the same instructor for all my courses?

When starting a course you will be assigned an instructor matched to you by your program manager. Switching instructors during a course does happen for various reasons. All of our instructors are required to pass our standardization program, as well as taking part in continuing qualification programs. This allows us to ensure all students receive education at the highest standards. It is also a major benefit that our students have the opportunity to get comfortable in the cockpit with different personalities.

Do I have to stick with the same instructor from the beginning?

No. The instructor is picked by the program manager to best optimize your success at the academy. If for some reason, you or the instructor are of the opinion that a different instructor is best for you, the program manager at his or her professional discretion will reassign a new instructor to help you be more successful.

Is there a time constraint?

We do our best to align ourselves with your goals. However, our mission is to educate you to be a safe and professional pilot. We will not compromise your education to accommodate time constraints.

What if I struggle during training?

Can I transfer my time from my previous school?

How frequently should I train?

Do you offer an accelerated training program?

Facility & Maintenance

What supplies do I need to get started?

Upon completion of the admission process, you will receive a starter kit.